Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Throwing Out Christmas


According to old tradition in Sweden, the Christmas tree should be “thrown out” on (or around) 13th January. From my childhood I remember special parties (for children) to finish off Christmas before throwing out the tree. I’m not sure if this tradition is still common. I think it goes back to the very early days of the Christmas tree, when many of the decorations were edible – like apples or gingerbread men or Christmas crackers with sweets hidden inside.

Anyway, this tree that I found on my way to the grocery shop on Sunday seems to bear witness that there are still people who take the tradition literally! I can certainly understand they wanted to get rid of the thing ;) but I don’t think it is recommended nowadays that you actually “throw” the tree down onto the street from the balcony…

When living in a town flat, there’s much to be said for an artificial tree that can just be packed into a box and reused again next year! (Yes, I have one of those. Mini size one at that. It has been with me for 24 Christmases!)

Going into town yesterday, I happened to pass the town square as they were taking down the Christmas trees there too. See photos in my Picture Book today.

I got sort of inspired, so when I got home I started packing up my own Christmas things as well. I even got the chain of lights on the balcony down today, since it happened to be snow-free and dry. Something which is not likely to last long - another snowfall is expected tonight…


Each January, I ask myself why I ever bothered to put it up in the first place…


… But, eventually, I once again I got it to fit into the box!




  1. A lot of people around here have the clear lights up all year. Not big displays on the houses, mind you. But on a large plant in their foyer, where you can see it from outside, so pretty. Or maybe as a little accent somewhere. I think you should leave those balcony lights up all winter, how cheerrful and pretty that would be!

  2. I often do leave the outdoor lights up all winter - it depends a lot on the weather when I take them down. They came down early this year only because it happened to be snow-free, dry and not too cold on the balcony on the same day that I was taking down the indoors things anyway.

  3. taking down the chrismtas is not my favorite thing to do, and part of that is getting the lights back in the box. i gave that up years ago and now leave them on my little trees. plug and play next year. so i don't throw out my tree. there are trees out in our neighborhood, several of them. i said to bob yesterday early am, lets take that tree home with us and burn it. daddy used to make a big deal about burning our tree and we loved it. they go up like a bomb, really fast. until i was 15, the local park had a dump site for trees and they would have a bonfire and burn all of them and it was amazing. then someone decided to bring cherry bombs to the bonfire and a teen got her eye put out and no more bonfires of the christmas trees.


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