Monday, 21 August 2017

Locks at Borenshult 2 - Video Clips

Managed to find the video clips...
 Now remains to be seen if I'm also able to blog them!

1. Boat going into a lock
2. The sliding bridge


  1. I can see the second video!! It is a really SMOOTH transaction!

  2. I can watch them both, and they look very good in full screen mode. Funny, isn't it, how the wind sounds always so very strong when we catch it with a camera's microphone, while at the time we do not hear it so much with our ears!

  3. Well I managed to see a short bit of each one - certainly enough to see the sliding bridge which was really good because I'd been wondering how it worked. Then I got a message in each case saying 'unresponsive script' and the blog froze completely each time. So I've had to reload it again to make this comment.


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