Thursday, 17 August 2017

Walking to the Abbey


From Vadstena Castle (see previous post) we walked along the lakeside to the Abbey Church and the Monastery Museum. Lake view on our left; pretty houses and gardens on our right.








This yellow building is the present-day small (Catholic) monastery of Bridgettine nuns, including a guest house for visitors. Sisters of the Order of Saint Bridget returned here to open a rest home in 1935. In 1963, the Monastery of Pax Mariæ was established; and since 1991 raised to the status of an autonomous abbey.


Vadstena kloster karta

Across the park from the ‘new’ monastery (bottom left on the map), we find the old abbey church, which nowadays (ever since the reformation in the 16th century) belongs to the Lutheran Church of Sweden. In front  - or rather, at the back! – there are some excavated old ruins; and the buildings on each side of the church (one of them now housing a museum) were also part of the medeival double monastery, where around 60 nuns and 25 monks lived back then.



We’ll be going into the museum next; and then the church.

SkyWatch Friday

Friday My Town Shoot Out

(“my town” only for one afternoon in July; but I wouldn’t mind going back!)


  1. I would love to live in one of these sweet houses by the lake! Having this awesomeness every day to wake up to would be heaven! Can't wait till your next post!

  2. The walk along the lake looks very nice, easy to do so that one can enjoy the views both sides of the path without having to look out too much because of uneven ground.
    The picnic table looks so inviting!

    1. It's certainly a walk one could repeat over and over without getting tired of the views, Meike.

  3. Beautiful photographs and terrific sky shots. I followed your link here from Skywatch Thursday. I especially like the beautiful church photo.

  4. A beautiful area. That picnic table looks so inviting!!

    1. I'm sure it's enjoyed by many, whether they come walking or by boat!

  5. It fascinates me that there are so few cars in your pictures. Presumably pedestrian/car separation is common in these towns.

  6. The streets in the city centre of Vadstena date back to medieval times as well, Graham - not really made for cars :) So best to park in the assigned parking lots and then walk! The path along the lake between the castle and the abbey is for pedestrians only (or perhaps bicycles were allowed too, I don't really remember).


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