Sunday, 9 January 2011

Straight Out Of The Camera Sunday


I felt in need of adding a splash of colour here after all my snowy pictures, so thought I’d show you the Primula plant I got last Sunday from my aunt and uncle. At least I’ve managed to keep it alive for a week!

This photo is straight from the camera (a flash macro shot), so I thought I’d enter it for Straight Out Of The Camera Sunday at the blog Murrieta365. Finding my way there through Heather I throw in a link to to her post as well. :)

As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve been keeping myself rather busy lately just with collecting buttons and links for my sidebars. At the bottom of this blog you’ll find a list of buttons to photo and writing challenges covering almost every day of the week. There is a similar list at my Picture Book blog.

This does not mean that I intend to partake in each and every one of these every week - and certainly not from both blogs! But sometimes, and especially in dreary winter weather, I find that these kinds of challenges can be of inspirational help.

I’m sure there are lots more out there but I won’t be adding any without having participated at least once… ;)



  1. It is a beautiful flower. Happy SOOC Sunday.

    Mine is here

  2. Wow, what a splash of color. Except for my Christmas cactus I have no color around, I think I need a primula!

  3. Monica, a lovely shot of your plant. Here's to good luck keeping it alive!

  4. What georgous, vibrant flowers! Do you have trouble keeping plants alive? I doesn't seem that way from my memories of your balcony plants.

  5. super shot sunday! gorgeous! i see you are entertaining yourself indoors in all this cold. great post monica. i see all those buttons, don't usualy use them, but might some day

  6. What a pretty flowers you got here


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