Friday, 13 January 2012

!!! … And the Winners Are … !!!


Who says Friday the 13th is unlucky? Possibly a handful of people who commented on my 3rd Blogoversary Post last week, and did not win my calendar…

… But three people did win, and here they are:

Pauline of The Paddock – New Zealand

Eva Ason of Eva Ason’s Art Corner – Ireland

Lady Fi – Sweden

One funny thing about how this came out is that one calendar goes to a Brit living in Sweden (Lady Fi), and one to a Swede living in Ireland (Eva)! But one also goes all the way to New Zealand.

Photo: The folded “lottery tickets” on the bottom of the big tin I used to shake them about in and then draw from. Interestingly, the reflections create an illusion of the tin spinning, although I could not do that while holding the camera.


  1. Thank you so much Dawn :) I'm looking forward to have a little piece of Sweden to look at. I think we are from the same parts of Sweden, I grew up a little north from Gothenburg :) [Orust}. Well at least the same side.
    Have a lovely weekend!


  2. Congratulations to the winners!!!! This is one of the coolest pictures you have ever taken. Spinning metal with red, modern art, amazing! And who knew, it is the tickets!!!

  3. I follow Eva and Pauline, glad they won. the photo of the lottery tickets is wonderful. i love it

  4. Yay! All your calendars went to transplanted people, I'm an Aussie living in New Zealand. Thanks so much, I'm thrilled. That image of the tickets is amazing!

  5. I love the pretty tickets - no scraps of old paper as I probably would have done. The reflections really do look as though you are spinning it - amazing.

    P.S. As one of the unlucky ones I demand a re-count! Perhaps you'll have another give-away at your next blogiversary...

  6. I posted the calendars to the winners today so they should be on their way!

    Scriptor - Sorry, no recount. Even though it saved me a minor fortune that not all three had to be sent overseas, I solemnly swear there was no cheating involved ;)

    As for next year... I never make decisions that far ahead! But I'll take it into consideration. (There were a lot of stamps left behind by my father!!!)


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