Sunday, 22 January 2012

Snowy Weekend


I took this shot out of my window in a snowstorm yesterday (Saturday). As you might guess, there was a dog attached to the leash… I wasn’t fast enough zooming them in. (No, that’s not my brother!)

As for me, I was inside, glad that I did not have to go out. Actually I spent most of the day curled up in/on my bed with a book; partly because that seemed just the thing to do on such a day, and partly because the story had me really hooked. (The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton.) I think the book might deserve a post of its own so I’ll get back to that.

Today we still had snow. But the sun came out, so I did too! The snow might be staying for a while this time. If it keeps thawing and freezing, some of the walkways could get very difficult in a day or two… But today with fresh snow (and bare ground underneath) it wasn’t too bad; so I took the opportunity to walk to the supermarket for some fruit and vegetables.


No, that’s not me! Just ‘someone’ I met along the way…


  1. ha ha, i knew it was not you, the arms are to long... ha ha again That is some serious snow out your window and i am glad i don't have to walk our dogs in snow..bbbrrhhhh

  2. Hua...that seems rough...and a bit cold...brrrrr.

  3. Oh my, that poor sad snowman looks like he knows the end is near. Either that or he's got osteoporosis! Great find!!

  4. I knew it wasn't you. You'd never wear a thing like that on your head - whatever it is! You've told me you wear mittens!

  5. The first picture really gives a feel for the weather - superb. I love the person you met along the way with the swing on his head!

  6. Thank you for these pictures. I know you hate snow. I'm waiting for it plenty of tins on board. I hope it blows my way.


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