Sunday, 1 January 2012

Looking Into the Future

Do you have any tradition of fortune-telling at New Year? In old stories I’ve read, they used to melt tin and pour it out in cold water, and from the shape they made predictions. Similar to reading tealeaves in a cup and such, I suppose. (Which I’ve never tried either, since I use strainers that don’t really leave a lot of tealeaves behind!)

What made me think of this was a radio program I listened to on New Year’s Eve, where someone did the same kind of thing with home-cooked fudge instead of tin.

Then it came to mind again today when I looked at some photos from yesterday of icy puddles. What do you see in them? To me they took the shape of various animals.

2011-12-31 New Year's Eve, frost

I see a duck, an elephant, a lion and a badger! The only conclusion I can draw is that I must go to the zoo again some time this year! (I don’t think they have badgers, though. Yet!)

Anyway, I sincerely hope that the first dream/nightmare of the year does not point to future events; because this morning I woke up from one where I had just spilled a full three months supply of all my various medical pills all over the floor. I guess I must be grateful that I woke before I had to start picking them all up!’


PS (2 Jan) Photoshop still goes over my head but in Paintshop I managed to find a tool that did what I wanted! This is what I see:

2011-12-31 New Year's Eve, frost PSP2


  1. I didn't get the lion and I saw a cartoon rabbit instead of the badger but I got the other two.

    You made me laugh saying that you were glad you woke before you started picking the pills up. I'd be concerned that they'd still be there for me to pick up next time I went to sleep!

  2. ha ha on the dream, i have been having some really crazy ones. i see the elephant but that is all

  3. Well at least I'm not the only one seeing elephants then ;) I wish I was clever with photoshop so that I could draw in the contours I see! Maybe one rainy day I'll figure it out...

  4. Actually it IS a rainy day, so I figured it out. Not in Photoshop, but in Paintshop. Added a PS-picture in the post :)

  5. I saw the duck and the elephant, but not the others.

    VERY interesting and such a funny comment about visiting the zoo. ;^D I think if I had seen the actual ice/puddles and the animals "in" them, I would have to concur: Sometimes my life IS a zoo! ;^D

  6. now i see them and this is really cool how you did that. i have been gone all morning, visiting Rich and learning how to create and add texture to photos, so look out for new creations.

  7. Oh very clever! I love seeing 'thing in things' too. I have a whole lot of close-ups of stones on the shores of a lake somewhere...(goes off to rummage through iPhoto...)


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