Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Feeling Sheepish

23rd January (our calendar) was the Chinese New Year, and rumour has it that we then entered into The Year of the Dragon.

I’ve heard and seen this piece of info mentioned from several different sources lately, in the news as well as in blogs; because in the Eastern culture, the Dragon is a lucky symbol; and being born in the year of the Dragon is apparently considered a good thing.

One blogger I’m following who mentioned it a couple of weeks ago was Snowwhite from Japan, giving interesting insights into how the Dragon is viewed rather differently in Eastern vs Western culture.

Then on the Day, Scriptor Senex had a Happy Chinese New Year post; followed by GB blogging On Being A Monkey. I commented on both these blogs to the effect that I've never been a fan of or believer in astrology… but that following Scriptor’s link to Chinese horoscope personalities, I had to admit to being a little taken aback to find the following introduction of the Sheep (which would be my Chinese sign):

Sheep simply want a bit of peace. They enjoy carrying on with life in their own quiet, individual way, content to be in the middle of it all rather than to be leading it. Sheep are quiet and calm people. They enjoy cultural things and focus much of their energy on artistic hobbies. Sheep are easygoing and relaxed, happy to be going with the flow.


Not so sure perhaps about the ‘easygoing’ part… (I have to say – before someone else does! - that I feel rather fussy about some things sometimes!) But as for the rest, my soul said “Yes!” …

Of course the more one gets down to details though, the more one finds that could be questioned.

On the whole, I suppose I’m likely  to remain a sceptic, whether we’re talking Western or Chinese zodiac. Even if there are some of the common keywords for my Western zodiac sign as well that might be applied to me… (But I’m sure they will also fit many people born at entirely different times of the year…)

I think I’m just not very partial to the whole idea of immediately trying to fit people too tightly into a certain frame or personality. So on principle, I always avoid giving my zodiacal sign in profiles or first introductions.

This, by the way, I just learned is probably typical of the Sheep!!!

They are private and do not generally tell you everything there is to know about them until they have tested the waters and are sure they want to reveal themselves to you.

And I who thought that was just good old Virgo scepticism…!



  1. I love the sheep pictures!!!! We don't believe in horoscopes because of what it says in the bible about them, even though I posted the bit of info on the Year Of The Dragon. But I must say in reading about the sheep, it dawned on me how very like you I think it would be!!!!

  2. It's just too big a topic for discussion in such a forum as a blog as is the existence of gods or a God but just as billions of people believe in gods so many also believe if the implications of star signs. I don't think that many would argue that the generalisations that are doled out in newspapers as horoscopes are real predictions but it can be uncanny how people's general traits can coincide with their star signs. Until one realises how many people don't!

  3. Ginny - Yes, for me too there was always a collision between astrology vs the Christian faith. On the other hand, each year we get that visit from the three Magi and the mystical star! ;)

    Not saying I'm getting converted to completely new beliefs here, I just thought it rather funny to find myself a sheep and not being able to argue with it much!

    I had somehow managed to miss YOUR post on the Year of the Dragon! Went back to it now. I think it's a wonderful idea to embrace your granddaughter's Chinese heritage by this celebration.

    And I always liked a good story with a dragon in it!

  4. GB - Yes I think you rather pinpoint it there... "it can be uncanny how people's general traits can coincide with their star signs. Until one realises how many people don't!"

    This post... Not really meant to mock anyone but myself... But I think you get that! ;)

  5. i wonder what sign i am, not a sheep for sure, and i think all of it is hogwash, don't believe in signs of any kind, like i don't believe in Friday the 13th and black cats bring bad luck. all the same to me. i do know there are many who do believe it, and that is good for them, just for me i am to practical minded to beleive any of it. we all are different but it has nothing to do with when we were born.

  6. Sandra, I'm not superstitious about things like Friday the 13th or black cats etc either; never was. I never had any lucky number or such either. Can't remember now on whose blog it was I commented on something like that recently... The only thing of that kind I can recall ever practised in my family was to do and say "knock on wood" when one happens to presume something (good) about the future. (Never really taken seriously though; it was more like a proverbial kind of thing.) I heard and read of other superstitious beliefs back in my childhood but more as "tales of the past" than seriously practised. (My grandfather as I've said before was interested in local history and traditions.)


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