Friday, 27 January 2012

Nature Meets Architecture (Weekend Reflections)


For the first time this winter, we’ve had snow staying the whole week. Not ‘too much’ of it either, and not too slippery for walks. I have to say I do love when the snow clings to the trees like this. 

The photo is from yesterday (Thursday), when I went for a walk ‘along the river’ into town in the afternoon. (I can’t follow the river all the way, but part of it.) Today, I think most of the snow will probably have blown off these trees, as well as the ones just outside my windows. I could see the difference already this morning, looking out the window... The temperature is still below zero, so not thawing – but there’s a stronger wind blowing, and the trees are bare. I’ve not been out today; not so fond of chilly winds, and having indoors things that needed doing anyway.


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  1. Lovely reflection through the trees.

  2. Very pretty, I agree. It's snowing here now. Like you, we haven't had much that has lasted for very long.

  3. You have captured the stillness in the reflection and what a wonderful, snowy capture! Really terrific! Enjoy your weekend!


  4. Beautiful shot! I miss the snow. :)

  5. this one is truly amazing! I love it!!! really I do. and the post title is as good as the photo

  6. I love how the picture is "framed" by the trees. Lovely photo!

  7. Great title, wonderful picture. Winter always looks beautiful in pictures, but living with it can be very different.

  8. That's a very atmospheric shot.


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