Monday, 9 January 2012

Macro Monday: Turning over a Leaf (or Two)



Frosty leaves – New Years Eve 2011 – for Macro Monday at Lisa’s Chaos

I have a busy week ahead which includes some ‘leaf-turning’ in a more literal sense. My brother will be here for a couple of days. We’ve also invited someone from a local history society to come and have a ‘glance’ at some old papers at The House. Hopefully a first step towards sorting out what should go into museums and archives for the future. (Our dad who died last summer wrote four books on railway history. His dad before him was a journalist with special interest in local countryside history. My brother and I inherited a house full of paperwork of this kind; but not the interest and knowledge and time to sort it all out ourselves.)

I won’t be around much in Blogland this week – but there will be a couple of prescheduled posts turning up. Like this one!


  1. beautiful frosty leaves, enjoy your time away from us with your brother and i will be waiting

  2. The color of the leaf, and the angle of your photos makes me think of a red velvet cloak that is trimmed in fur.

    MACRO 'SHROOMS. If you have time, stop by and say hello.

  3. Anni, I was actually thinking to myself with that photo, that it looked a bit like a Father Christmas cloak! What fun when someone else sees the same thing even though one hasn't even mentioned it.

  4. I'm back and trying to catch up after four doctor's visits and an E.R. room visit! I LOVE hearing the Whooper Swans!!!! And you are the frosty mistress, I have always adored your frost photos. But the doorway thing just SLAYED me!!! This happens to me at least once a day, it seems! I get up and go into a room, then forget why I did!! Now I know it's not my fault, it's The Doorway!!!!

  5. Gorgeous selective focus in these images. It's as if the edges of the leaves were dipped in sugar.

    Happy MM

  6. Wow - lovely iced leaves. Fabulous!

  7. There is something exquisite about frost - clean and pure and very very cold!


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