Sunday, 1 January 2012

Frosty New Year




After a very rainy and stormy month of December, New Year’s Eve offered us a little bit of change in that it was dry, still and frosty. It was also foggy; but the frost and no wind was enough to drag me and the camera out for quite a long walk before noon. Not long as in going very far; but as in almost losing track of time getting into frosty photo shooting mood in the park.

Before I got as far as that, and the camera was still in my bag, I heard honking noises in the air above my head. It was a small group of swans seeming in a hurry to flee south.

They needn’t have bothered, really. Today we’re back to rain!


Straight Out Of the Camera Sunday 


  1. Beautiful hoar frost pictures. It's wet and horrid here.

  2. Wonderful captures! I can see how you could get lost in all that beauty.

  3. frilly frosty and oh so pretty, i am shivering a little while staring at them. so glad you got out to grab a few shots to share with us. were these your first shots in the new year? i just saw a post and she said it was her first photo in the new year, i took one a few minutes ago when we went shopping and did not think about it being the first in 2012. I FEEL A POST COMING ON

  4. happy new year, dear DawnTreader! beautiful pictures again. we've had 14 degrees plus today here in southern germany, very unusaul, feeling like spring. roses still blooming ....
    ich wünche dir liebe und glück, kraft und gesundheit für 2012!

  5. so wonderful!!
    Happy New Yer!!

  6. So very lovely, Happy New Year!

  7. That really is a frosty morning! To think, I've been complaining because it was 14℃ this morning.

  8. Love these shots! ;^)

    Nature provides some amazing art, if we can stop long enough to observe.



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