Tuesday, 15 March 2011

ABC Wednesday – I for the Internet

I’ve been having a hard time stretching my imagination to  come up with something for this post. The only word that came automatically to mind (after 4½ months of it) was ice… but honestly I’m so tired of winter by now that I really don’t want to return to that theme again…

So instead I’m just going to give you… the Internet.



Photos of my TV-screen as I was watching an episode of the British sitcom The IT Crowd.

I tried to find the scene on YouTube. The first link I tried had been removed, but then I found another one with subtexts in a foreign language… And then also the next scene, which shows you what Jen actually does with the internet…

I hope the links will work for you. (The video will not start right away but if you click the line that comes up, the link should take you to YouTube where you can watch it.)

If explanations are needed: Jen is head of the IT department, without knowing a whole lot about actual IT.

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  1. When I try to watch either of these, it says "Embedding disabled by request". Good job for trying, though!!

  2. I can confirm that what Ginny writes, is true! But the idea is good!
    Thanks for your visit! Yes we were once in a Swedish IKEA when we were on our way to Norway , but we didn't know how the name came about, so its history is important. We like that shop, for they have everything

  3. Have you tried clicking that line when it comes up? When I do, the link takes me to YouTube, where I can watch the video clip.

  4. I hadn't even thought of Internet for "I" day. If not for Internet, we wouldn't be visiting from one country to the next. Very creative post today.

  5. That was HILARIOUS... I tried again and the videos worked. Thanks for sharing. ; )

  6. yes, I clicked on the link within and could watch it.
    where would we be without the Internet?

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  7. Without the internet we wouldn't know one another and participating in photo memes!

  8. Outstanding. Isn't the internet wonderful? I wouldn't be talking with you without it.

  9. fabulous internet shots.
    lovely wonders of what's going on,

  10. So pretty and Interesting!

    Please come and see my ABC Wednesday post, thanks!

  11. Oh, I just loved that episode! I had tears rolling down my cheeks - very, very clever! In fact I don't even need to look at the clips again, and I'm starting to giggle.

  12. Internet is a wonder, sometimes it work and sometimes NOT ;-)


  13. Hehe! I'm ready for spring too. But I think ice is still beautiful...as it melts. :))

  14. Links didn't work, but I will try directly. Really great IDEA!

    Meryl :-)


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