Saturday, 12 March 2011

Weekend Reflections: Upside Down


A reflection of the gable of a house in a puddle of melting ice. This photo was taken a week ago – a day of blue skies and with hope of spring in the air…

Since then we’ve had a relapse into winter, snowstorms alternating with rainstorm. For the fourth day in a row, wet snow is falling outside my windows as I write. I’ve not been out for three days. Having enough supplies at home, it seemed better to just stay in. Now the road is beginning to look more wet than icy again. On the other hand the stuff falling down from the sky just now is definitely frozen…

Let the photo also illustrate how quickly our world can be turned upside down – thinking of the terrible tsunami that hit Japan.

This morning through our local newspaper I found out that a Swedish family I know are living in Tokyo now. (Obviously I don’t know them all that well since I wasn’t even aware they were in Japan.) The newspaper had interviewed them via Skype. The mobile phones weren’t working but the internet was. They had left their home when they felt the quakes, but were able to go back after a few hours. Things had fallen down from the walls etc, but otherwise they were okay. One of them was at work when the quake occurred, but managed to get home. They were too high up to be hit by the tsunami.

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  1. Very interesting photo! This is a perfect combination of reflection and snow. Snow looks like white clouds with real white clouds!

    Thank you for your deep concern about the people in the afflicted area.
    Actually this area had experienced terrible Tunami a few times, so they had well prepared by building solid and high breakwaters. But TV showed huge Tunami getting over them easily, carrying a fishing boat.
    Mother Nature's wrath couldn't be stopped, humanbeings are powerless in front of nature.

  2. i had to stare for a while to figure out it was the gable to the house, i should have read the post first. it is really cool the way the ice is breaking up, like giant slush mixed with cubes. you are so right, at any moment our lives can be upside down. glad your friends are ok. hope the snow stops and the sun comes out

  3. You did a great job in framing this photo with the gabled house in a perfect reflection and "ice clouds" all around... love this

    Your kind words for those affected by the tsunami will be heard around the world...

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  4. I like how the gable fits so well into the puddle. You shot it from the perfect spot.

  5. Interesting reflection and perspective! We do had a glimpse of hope winter was over. Then it crept back.

  6. Nice reflection. :0) We'll be having more puddles around here too soon. :)

  7. The photo demonstrates to me just how much we in blogland now see things in our lives that I bet, before blogging, we would hardly have noticed. And we are the better for that.


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