Friday, 11 March 2011

Sky Watch/News Watch Friday


Had to focus on the trees rather than the sky here just so that you’d see the snowfall… Not really the right time to moan about a bit of extra snow though, since I just heard about the tsunami hitting Japan.

This is the second time in… what? has it only been 2½ weeks?! … that I first learned about world news of this magnitude through a personal blog, rather than through media.

The quake happened around 7 am our time. I didn’t listen to the TV or radio in the morning, as often I just read my local newspaper (yesterday’s news) at breakfast. Around noon I learned about the tsunami in Japan - from a blogger in the Netherlands.

It’s hard to take in and I really cannot find the appropriate words. But it does make our own snowstorms over the last couple of days feel rather insignificant. Especially since I haven’t even had to go out but am perfectly warm and safe inside…



  1. I, too, feel like such a wimp for whining about our grumpy weather after learning of the tsunami and earthquakes!! That part of our world has had more than its share of weather nightmares. I do love how you've captured the falling snow -- it's like frozen tears for those who've lost their lives in this latest nightmare. I do hope you have a good weekend!


  2. Thank you Sylvia - you found the words that I didn't find myself...

  3. I first heard of this and of the Christchurch one on blogs, too!! Does this mean we're addicted? It seems that more and more of these things are happening all over the world!

  4. I do usually spend more time on blogs than on TV news these days. I never really used to watch more TV news though. So if anything I guess the blogging has increased my awareness.

  5. you are so right, that big wave has helped a lot of us put ourselves in perspective about what we complain about. sorry you are still getting snow, come on spring

  6. It's so sad what's happening there. I can't bare to watch the live broadcasts of the destruction happening in front of my eyes and me not being able do to anything!

  7. Mersad, I know what you mean..!


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