Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Times They Are A-Changin’

Yes, it’s that time of year again. I woke up early this morning, and was considering trying to go back to sleep, but then it struck me that it was actually supposed to be later than I thought… or… whatever… Anyway, instead of going back to bed, I forced myself to a morning walk around the flat to put all the clocks forward one hour. Because while I slept, Time had rushed ahead and decided that it’s now Summer Time, or Daylight Savings Time if you prefer. A change which always makes me grumble a bit – and to be sure, this year I had the outdoors thermometer very much on my side. At six… er… seven… o’clock, it showed minus 7°C (and windy too, according to swaying treetops). That’s certainly not what I call Summer…

Well, at least it’s not snowing. Not yet, anyway. Around noon we’re up to +2, darkening sky and increasing wind force. Not sure what might come out of it…

Yesterday we had blue sky and sun (but chilly winds):


Last year’s reeds down by the riverside…


…where the rich people live.


I was actually able to sit for a while in the sun on my own balcony (smaller, not overlooking the river,  and not glassed-in…). Had to cover myself well in winter jacket and blanket, but still. It was my first real “sit-out” lasting more than a few minutes.


It also seems my clematis plant has survived another harsh winter out there. Just tiny little buds yet… but… buds! Always gives me a “wow” feeling. (I do hope last night’s frost didn’t kill them!)

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  1. i love those reeds from last year. and that little shot of sunshine made me happy for you. i like the comment where the rich people live. we have lots of that here, there is where we live and where the rich people live. i should go find a few shots of that for a post.

  2. Hi!
    Great snapshots! Love the reeds and the little sunny spot looks so inviting. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  3. Beautiful photos. It still looks chilly though.

  4. It IS still chilly. 5.25 PM it's snowing...

  5. I love the first two shots. It's still chilly, here in SoCal, but it's going to warm up this week. Makes me happy.

  6. The reeds by the river are my favorite picture today!! I love where the rich people live, but not for the building, it's the reflections! How well I remember your clematis, and the good advice you gave me about covering up the soil. It snowed all night!! So for the first time ever??? we have snow here and you have none!! I am more than willing to take some of yours and give you a break!

  7. Luckily the water reflections are free ;) I just have to walk 10 minutes or so (when it's snow-free) to get to the river

  8. I love that top photo! I would love to see your clematis in bloom.

  9. That really does seem a bit chilly for this time of year. Glad the clematis made it through the winter.


  10. Thanks for reminding me that the clocks have changed in Europe. I'd forgotten.

    It's funny but the sunshine actually looks chilly. Perhaps it's the blanket.


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