Friday, 18 March 2011

Sky Watch Friday


17 March ~6.30 pm: Spring sunset over bare roofs


18 March ~ 6.40 am: Hey! This is not what I ordered!!!
Can I send it back, please?!!

10 cm of new snow fell down over night… *Sigh*

* * *

Watch the sky all over the world at SkyWatch Friday


  1. Two very different skies but both beautiful . Love the first ones colours.

  2. Good grief!!! When does spring start there, anyway?? The first day of spring here is Sunday! Isn't your winter quite a bit longer?

  3. Spring equinox is on Sunday, yes. Meteorlogically spring is defined here as when the average 24h temperature stays above freezing point for more than a week. Traditionally we tend to divide the year into four equal seasons of three months but I don't think that corresponds very well to the truth. I'd say we have at least 4, often 5 months of winter.

  4. oh you poor poor girl. that lovely gorgeous sight last night and now more snow. it is lovely to look at but NOT what you want to see. hurry spring to see Monica... i will do a non snow dance for you


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