Monday, 7 March 2011

To Separate Light From Darkness

2011-03-07 curtains

I’ve kept myself busy today with a curtain project. Not as advanced as it may look from the pictures – all I did with the sewing machine was to hem to the right length. The eyelets at the top were already there ;) … Nonetheless, I’m glad to have the machine and to be able to do that much.

My bedroom faces north east. When I moved in (3 summers ago) I put up light white curtains, which have been good in the winter time, because then the nights are long and I like to get as much light as possible into the room in the daytime. But in the height of summer, when our days are long and the nights short… I get the sun right in my eyes very early in the morning (in spite of Venetian blinds). Last summer I put up a pair of darker ones that I had; it helped a bit but they weren’t really made to draw, and I wasn’t 100% happy with the solution.

Now in a shop I found these in a cheerful green but still supposed to be “blackout” curtains. They have a layer of white on the back which is supposed to reflect the incoming light back out and so keep the room cooler, as well as dark. They are also easy to draw and push back. (Luckily I have window sills that go into the wall instead of sticking out.) They were rather expensive, and I had to get a new curtain rod as well. But I’m hoping they’ll be worth it. So far at least I’m very pleased with how they looked when I got them up. I was a little hesitant about the colour in the shop – I didn’t buy them at first sight, but thought about it for a couple of days and then went back to buy them. But now that I got them up I think it was just the right shade of fresh “nature” green which goes with almost anything.



  1. I love the soft shade of these. I was reading awhile ago that green can be a neutral color. My whole living room is done in green.

  2. i love the green, and they look fantastic. i also like the eyelet holes, it makes them easier to open and close. you did really good, great choice. they were worth it. love that last shot a lot... forgot to say yesterday how much i like your new header, the text is really nice and i see a bee hiding in there

  3. I like the post heading as well as your blog header.

    I recall that you had said before that you change your curtains with the season. I've never thought of that. But then I don't mind the bedroom being light.

  4. Ginny: I think in interior decoration green is supposed to have a calming effect. I guess it can also be said to be neutral; I was just thinking when I got these curtains up that they'll go with any colour really, just as the green in nature does. (You never think of the green leaves of a plant as clashing with the flowers, do you?!)
    Sandra: The photo in the header is from last spring - much further on, but I felt it was time to start looking forward!
    Graham: Since you often seem to stay up late and get up early anyway I guess it matters less! These curtains I think will work all year round for me.

  5. Love the green, it's such a cooling color. We have such hot summers here I've painted half the house green.

  6. It looks in the photo that you made the right choice! I often think of green as a neutral colour as it is between warm yellow and cool blue on the colour wheel. Also because there's so much green in nature.


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