Saturday, 5 March 2011

Saturday Surprise (‘Allowed To Peek’–2)

In my last Booking-Through-Thursday post, Allowed To Peek, I quoted from Moominland Winter by Tove Jansson. It came to mind for me again today, for a different reason.

In that book, Moomin wakes up in the middle of the winter and can’t go back to sleep (Moomins are usually in hibernation from November to April). With the rest of the family still snoozing away, Moomin feels very lonely. He goes out into the empty kitchen. There he suddenly becomes aware of a pair of eyes staring at him from under the sink…

muminletar    creature

This morning, sitting at the breakfast table,
I suddenly became aware of a glint of blue under the fridge…


I thought it must be a clip for plastic bags that I’d dropped.
So I found some kitchen tool with a long handle
and bent down to poke “it” out…

Imagine my surprise when I found a pair of eyes staring at me!


Especially since it was a pair of eyes I had never seen before!


On second thought he reminds me of someone…


He must have been hiding under the fridge ever since I moved in (2 years 8 months ago). Probably longer! (A young family lived here before me.)

What on earth made him suddenly come out now? Have I not been leaving enough cookie crumbs on the floor for him???

Spooky… until I remembered that I made a half-hearted attempt last week to stick the vacuum cleaner under there. Even my extra thin tube didn’t get in properly though, so I gave it up. The suction must have been enough to draw him half way out anyway.

Now I wondered what else might be under there! So I had to figure out how to remove the grid, without actually lying down on the floor. (Not too sure I’d be able to get up again without injuring myself if I did that!) I managed to solve it sitting on a low footstool. Phew. No more “monsters”... ;) Just a bit of dust.

Now the cookie monster is sitting on the freezer.
There might be some cake left in there… or not… 

… … …

PS. Scroll down for today’s weather report.


  1. Re-typing my comment because I don't see it here. This is such a cute face, and a nice change from the ever-present yellow smiley faces. And you are so right about the resemblance to Cookie Monster. A ghost from the past, I wonder if the child ever missed it? Is it a magnet or a button? Love your pretty sky, it's about time!

  2. this is a really fun and silly post, made me smile. glad you did not find any real monsters under there. he is really cute


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