Monday, 28 March 2011

Monday Morning: Splash of Pink, Splash of White…


I think I need to start this week with a real splash of colour for Macro Monday. This is another shot that I took outside a florist’s shop last week. (I always feel a bit sneaky doing that… With my camera I can take home those gorgeous colours without actually buying the expensive bouquets! I did go in and buy a begonia for my window, though. I’ll show that some other day when it does not have to compete with these.)

… … …

Now to a more depressing sight. Yesterday we turned our clocks forward one hour to “summer time” (daylight savings time), and this is how we were rewarded for our efforts:


It snowed all night. This morning the sun was back. But it still looks more like February than what we like to see at the end of March:


I just checked my old blog. We had the first snowfall as early as 21 October. It’s been a long winter, and it’s not over yet.


  1. Oh my gosh. More snow. I think I shall stay here in NZ!

  2. no snow here, but we did have a thunder boomer storm with lots and lots of lightning. do you have lightning storms there? they are common here. we got 1 and 1/2 inch of rain so that was a good thing,

  3. No snow here either, just thunder storms! We got about an inch of rain and now it's dark and gloomy. March came in like a lamb, but as the song says, I think it's going to go out " ... a whippen up a storm in the bay..."

  4. We often get lightning storms in the summer but not in the winter.

  5. I just KNEW you would be so jealous when you saw my post today that you would have to make it snow!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!! Your photography skills just get better and better!! Have you gotten a new camera recently? I go to garden centers and snap away!! Haven't gotten the nerve to go in a florists yet. But hey, it's free advertising for them!!

  6. Gorgeous colors in the first image - thanks for sharing.

    Happy Macro Monday


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