Thursday, 3 March 2011

Getting Younger And Younger

Rocking horse (and dog) at the supermarket
(Photo taken from outside through the window)

Have you noticed the rejuvenating spirit here lately?
The post title does not refer to me (alas!), but to the average age of my Followers.

I’ve been thinking for a while that maybe I should introduce you to Intan from Indonesia. Her blog is called Intan Has Stories. (Isn’t that an intriguing blog title?) I don’t know her exact age, but she is under 13 and in elementary school. Unfortunately her first meetings with the Blog World included age discrimination. Visit her blog and you will be adding to her collection of flags from different countries in the sidebar statistics gadget.


Intan was by far my youngest follower. Until yesterday. Then Ms. Burrito appeared on the scene. Aged – five…!

Oh dear. I shall have to think twice about what I write in here.


  1. i love the horse, the photo came out super through the window, can not tell it was through glass. that is young to be blogging. i thought YOU were getting younger and i was waiting for you to tell me HOW.

  2. I love your photos, and I know both the girls will love them!! I did go to Intan's blog and wrote a acomment. She seems very sharp and she is pretty as well. Then I went to her mom's and commented there, she has a nice blog. Actually, two, but I only commented on one of them. But FIVE?? Well right off, I'm impressed that she reads!


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