Friday, 30 December 2011



Oops, a fresh new year waiting just round the corner. Some of you will get there sooner than me, and others later! That thought still feels a little bit strange, even after three years of blogging!!!

Anyway, I thought I’d better post this greeting a day early (from my point of view). In my tomorrow (New Year’s Eve) I probably won’t be around much in Blogland, since I’ll have friends from my other world coming over in the evening. And they expect to be fed!

Luckily the rain stopped, and the sun even broke through today. So I was able to get out and replenish my stock of honey, more honey, lots of chocolate, cakes and cookies acorns and thistles and other wholesome food that we might need to get us from this year to the next one. (Sorry, Pooh got a little carried away there until Piglet and Eeyore corrected him…)

The photo, if anyone wonders, is not last year’s fireworks. It is my neighbour’s Christmas lights seen through the opaque glass wind screen separating our balconies, on a dark and rainy night!

** Have a Sparkling New Year **


  1. you will see the new year 6 hours before me, so have a wonderful day with your friends, and i love the fireworks, real or not, makes a perfect new year photo.

  2. Oh my gosh, you have created your own fireworks with this photo, and it looks JUST like fireworks!!! Hold it-I thought you are six hours later than us, now I see Sandra says six hours earlier? You need to settle this for us, I am now thrown into confusion! Other-worldly friends, yikes!! I guess us bloggers all live in a parallel universe!!! I wish for you the very BEST in the coming year, party on, Monica!!

  3. Ginny, look at the world clocks in my sidebar. Sandra is right, I am 6 hours ahead of you. But my New Zealand friends are 12 hours ahead of ME, so they'll get there first ;)

  4. It seems strange that I shall be awake and up and about on the first day of 2012 before anyone in Europe or the US are even in bed on the last day of 2011.

    I wish you and your readers a very happy, and above all healthy, year ahead.


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