Tuesday, 6 December 2011

ABC Wednesday: U for Unusual Ungulate


Sort of ugly and yet curiously cute

About three weeks ago a Northern white rhinoceros calf known as Zuri was born at the Zoo in my town (Borås). She is not only unusual but also quite unique in that she is the first rhino to have been born alive in our zoo.

The Northern white rhinoceros is a critically endangered species, which may even be extinct now in the wild. The rhinos at the zoo are part of a breeding programme. Zuri’s mother Zinzi has been here since 2002.

By the way, did you know that the rhinoceros is an odd-toed ungulate? This means it is a mammal with hooves that feature an odd number of toes. Odd-toed ungulates include horses, tapirs, and rhinoceroses.

Here’s my own favourite rhino photo from the zoo, from two years ago. Going by the shape of the horns I’m thinking that Zinzi might be the one in the middle, but I’m not sure!


ABC Wednesday


  1. Another Up Close and Personal view of another Ungulate. Your pictures of the Ungulates are quite Unique.

  2. Your third photo is fantastic!

  3. yes, a bit ugly, but cute too

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. Oh so cute, I LOVE that first picture!! And I didn't know they had TWO horns!! Gosh, none left in the wild??? That's a bad thing...

  5. Not only a great U but an alliteration too!

  6. Baby animals of any kind are always so cute. Even when we know they grow into huge and dangerous beasts. Certainly wouldn't want to come across one of these in the wild!

  7. They look like prehistoric animals ! I have seen them in the Antwerp zoo.

  8. Ginny, apparently there are a number of different species and subspecies of rhino. There are Southern Whites and Northern Whites, and it is the latter that are on the verge of becoming extinct. (None of them are actually white in colour.) That is why it is a 'big deal' when a healthy one is born even in captivity. Javan and Indonesian rhinos have only one horn. The African ones have two. Had you asked me a few days ago I would not have been aware of any of it... ;)

  9. Ungulate is a new word for me, thanks for that, and I did not know about the hooves with toes. good stuff and the baby is adorable. your shot of the three of them is really good too. I don't remember seeing that one. i love the fact that every day i learn or see something new in blog land.

  10. Powerful critters.

    U is for Umbrella, please come and see. Thanks!

  11. Great post. the baby rhino is so cute.

  12. I'm sure I've said it before but:

    I upset a rhino
    that you and I know
    by saying it was verminous.
    How was I to know
    that that rhino
    was thin skinned
    as well as pachyderminous.


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