Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A Narrow Escape


I just had a narrow escape from getting stuck in the lift/elevator in my building.

I do my washing in a common laundry room in the basement, which I had booked for this afternoon. So at 12 I went down in the lift as usual. No problems in the laundry room; I just put my washing into the machine and started it. When I got out into the corridor, the lift was still down in the basement. The door opened to let me in. I entered, the door closed behind me, and I pressed the button for my floor. Then, quite unexpectedly, ALL the lamps started to blink, and the lift did not move. Help!

Luckily before I did anything else, it struck me to try the button that opens/holds the door – and that one still did its job. So I got out of the lift. After letting me out, it closed again, and from the outside I now wasn’t able to open it again. The lift was confused and did not know whether it was “here” or coming or going. (Three different lamps blinking.)

I, however, was free to walk the stairs up to my flat ;) – which luckily is no farther up than on the 2nd floor. Even if I also always bring my mobile phone with me when I go down into the basement (and had remembered it today as well), I have to say it was a relief to be able to make the call (to the service company) from the comfort of my own flat rather than from inside the lift…

So my only complaint is that now I have to carry my laundry up and down the stairs today. But just now I’m so grateful not to be stuck in the lift that I don’t really mind that minor inconvenience. (My problem is carrying things rather than the stairs as such; plus a rather heavy door to the basement. But for today I’ll manage just fine.)


  1. I am shaking in my boots just reading this. i do not do small elevators at all, and only do the big ones in hospitals under duress which means I don't know where the stairs are. i would be a screaming maniac if i got in one and it did not move. so glad it opened for you. it would be hard carrying laudry up and down stairs. it would be hard on me getting down the stairs, i do ok going UP, but down is much harder.

  2. I don't like elevators at all. When we lived in Turkey where power outages were common you never knew when you might get stuck in the elevator, hated it.

  3. OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Sandra and I are both scared of elevators. I read this out loud to Phil as I read it, like a horror story!! At the birthday party last night, I had to use a little elevator in the restaurant, I had obsessed about this for three weeks!! i couldn't go in alone and had to have someone with me. Some elevators, the cell phone won't work in it! and I have just been reading about elevator accidents in history. In most, the car didn't crash, but people got in when the car wasn't there, and fell down the shaft. And some got in and halfway inside the door shut on them and dragged them!! One was beheaded!!!Stepped in and the door shut. Let me know what they find out, i need an end to this mystery. DON'T GET IN IT AGAIN, till it's fixed!!! they should put a sign up and tape it shut!!! Whew, I need to get some aspirin now, or calm down!!

  4. Hey I'm glad you had that escape! Stairs are always safe than lifts which operate with electricity and you never know what can go wrong.I some how have a lift phobia,can't really get on in any lift without thinking otherwise;P I know its silly ;p
    Check this if you want -
    Fearful Phobias
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