Friday, 16 December 2011

Still Here


Don’t worry, I’m still “on”. Just had a busy sort of day with my home getting invaded by angels and gnomes and whatnot. Now just looking at this one makes me sleepy… Good night! (11.30 PM)


  1. This is a very cute tiny girl angel!!! I know her hands must be folded, But she almost looks like she is sucking her thumb! She is rather sleep inducing!

  2. Glad you are still here. I'm still here too. But a different 'here'.

  3. Ginny: She is very tiny. About 2 cm tall. And she's playing an even tinier little golden trumpet. But very quietly. In fact I think she managed to lullaby herself to sleep.

    Graham: Good to know that in the 4th dimension of cyberspace our different 'heres' still connect.

  4. so beautiful, sweet angel and all that glitter. you know i love sparkles and this photo sparkles.


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