Monday, 12 December 2011

Ruby Tuesday: Santa’s Busy Day



The magic table where you can write your wish-list


Hello! Santa waved at me!

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  1. Great shot - love all the red!

    Happy Ruby Tuesday!

    Here’s mine!

  2. i had trouble looking at santa because of staring at the teepee. that was a shocker, did not know you had them over there. your town is just so much fun, wish i were there to write on the magic wish list.

  3. My grand-daughter wrote a letter to Santa on my behalf. Asked for perfune and new knickers! I'm sure if she found a magic table to write on she would have been more creative.

  4. How sweet!!!! And oh, such a fun and festive set of photos you've shared for the season.

    Through my Kitchen Window

    Hope to see you visit, and, have a glorious Tuesday.

  5. Sandra, the tipi is similar in construction to the kåta used by the Sami people in the north of Sweden/Scandinavia. Follow the link to Wikipedia to see example.

    It's the Sami people who herd reindeer; you figure out the connection... ;)

  6. That's nice of Santa to sell Christmas trees! Have a great week, Monika!


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