Saturday 17 December 2011

Weekend Reflections: Mirror, Mirror on the Street



For Weekend Reflections
Guess who went out Christmas shopping today?

This year’s ice sculpture – created only one week ago – got a very short life. Good thing I was able to take a picture of it last Sunday (and also of the artist at work on Saturday). Today’s morning paper reported it melted and collapsed already!

The artist takes it with a shrug though. An ice sculpture is not meant to last forever and it’s part of the excitement that you never know how long it will keep or what the weather will do to it.


Today, in the place where the sculpture stood last week, they had put up a lot of things for an auction.


I did not stay for the auction but I did have a look around.


Traditional Yule goat made by straw.
My parents had one like that but with shorter legs.


Maybe I should have stayed. Not to buy, but to see what people might be willing to pay for this kind of stuff. Considering that I/we (my brother and I) have a whole house full various articles of similar kind. What I really don’t need though is to get carried away by the general generous Christmas spirit and start bidding on someone else’s old cookie tins… ;)


  1. fun fun fun, i would love to see the bidding and we could keep each other from bidding. i like those red chairs, how much to ship them here? ha ha. the reflections are cool and you look cold or at least dressed for cold. i like the one with the red chair. woo hooo

  2. That big gold mirror is pretty, and I LOVE the goat!!! He is really pretty, about how much in American money would he cost? Too bad about the ice sculpture, though now you have a picture of something that doesn't exist anymore, an artistic moment in time.

  3. Ginny, as I did not stay for the auction, I have no idea what the goat might have been sold for. It looked quite old, and a bit unusual in my eyes with those very long legs.

  4. That looks like a great day! Good to always bring the camera to catch shots such as these.

  5. You look extremely chic in your cold weather gear - and mittens!

    Sad the ice sculpture has disappeared already, hope lots of people got to admire it during its short lifespan.

    The last shot reminds me I need new cookie cutters, mine have mysteriously disappeared but I suspect if I look hard enough in the garden I will find them. (Mud pies were on the menu last week after the heavy rain.)

  6. It's odd what people will buy sometimes. As Pauline said, you look very chic in your cold-weather gear.


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