Sunday, 25 December 2011



We’re having one of those just now. By the sound of it bad enough outside my windows; and they say even worse up in the North of Sweden. Winds of almost hurricane strength are expected. Might be snow as well up there. Trains have been cancelled and various traffic warnings issued etc. Down here it’s rain.

I’m safe enough at home and don’t have to go anywhere tomorrow. The only thing is my internet connection seems to have gone into “off and on” mode again as well… Thought I’d better tell you in case it decides to go more decidedly “off”.


  1. Your cartoon made me laugh. It's bad on Lewis too. Here, at the moment, the sun is shining but over the Tasman there is a cyclone.

    I do hope that you manage to stay in communication.

  2. Not AGAIN with the on and off???? Is the weather supposed to affect this sort of thing?? I'm glad you are staying safe and sound inside.

  3. hope you are ON today. and that the storm is gone.

  4. Hopefully it'll pass soon! All the best!


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