Sunday, 25 December 2011

No White Christmas


The thin layer of snow that fell over our town last Sunday was all gone before Christmas. Someone probably really wanted a white Christmas, no matter what, and had put this giant snowman to keep watch over the city from high up on a balcony yesterday.

Personally, I have to confess I did not mind the combination of blue sky and ice-free streets on Christmas Eve, allowing me to go out for a walkabout without fear of slipping and falling ;)

Also a quiet Christmas for the snow-plough-drivers:


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  1. Have a good day Monica. The plough drivers here pray for snow. Doubles their wage.

  2. that snow plow looks lonely. enjoy your snow free days, it seems there are a lot of places here that are snow free and usually have snow now. the weather is wacky and has a mind of its own. we had an 80 degree hot Christmas Eve, but it is 62 now which feels good.

  3. How ironic! You get so much bad weather and snow, but none on Christmas day when you really want it! I don't really wish for snow on Christmas. Though it is beautiful, it makes going anywhere hard. Merry Christmas, Monica!!


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