Friday, 9 December 2011

Weather Report

Last night (Thursday) we had snowstorm with thunder. Not the most common combination! Today mostly rain, but still storm. The TV news earlier this evening reported hurricanes on the west coast. In Gothenburg they had to shut off one of the most important bridges and the sea water level was 1,5 m higher than normal. We’re an hour’s drive or so inland but this has certainly been a day when I’ve been thankful that I did not have any compelling reason to go out. Actually I haven’t been out since Tuesday, and even then I didn’t get far!

I’ve been writing some Christmas cards and letters this week. The ones going overseas should have been posted today… Sorry – not compelling enough reason to go out in this weather!!!

The internet has been been off and on all afternoon and evening too. So I’m just going to post this while I can (perhaps!).


  1. oh my, sorry to hear this. glad you could let us know just in case the internet does it thing and disappears for a while. stay warm and safe. hope it does not last long and you don't get cabin fever.

  2. We call this "Thunder Snow". And I have seen and heard it only once, about a year ago. Strange, to be sure! I am glad you are staying inside and being safe! I am backed up in my Christmas preparations, and will have to take a very short blog vacation soon, much as I will miss it!

  3. Oh dear. I hope that by the time I get up to date with your posts things have improved.


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