Thursday, 15 December 2011

Thankful Thursday: Back ON !!!


Another extremely wet day today. There was a short break from the worst downpour in the afternoon though and I managed to take a quick walk to the nearest convenience store to post my Christmas cards and buy some fruit and vegetables.

The good news is that my internet connection is back ON without any more breakdowns since 3 PM yesterday.

Some people were wondering how I managed to blog at all while the frequent breakdowns were going on. The answer is Windows Live Writer. Since I prepare my posts off line, even if the connection happens to go down just as I try to publish, I don’t lose the post. So was able to try again whenever the connection was back on. Commenting directly online was a bigger problem!

As for what caused it, I don’t know. Only that it was nothing to do with my appliances, nor was the fault within my apartment. (I have cable internet).

Btw – having my Android phone as “emergency exit” now makes me feel less panicky when things like this happen. If the cable or computer fails me I can at least still check my email and let people know, using the 3G. ;)


  1. I have never, ever heard of windows Live Writer! I'm really glad your connection is back, hoping it stays that way!!

  2. Before I migrated to Apple I used Live Writer and then I tried Blogo. I still have Blogo but haven't used it for ages.

  3. have not tried the live writer, might give it a try sometime. just glad you can keep posting no matter what. would really miss you if you disappeared. hope you get some outside days soon.


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