Sunday, 18 December 2011

December Daisy

Nature is not quite in balance this December. We’ve had an unusually mild autumn and wet early winter. From photography point of view, nature has been very dull lately. The only place where it has sometimes been worth while to bring the camera has been the town centre, with the Christmas market going on.

Yesterday was another grey day, but not raining, and I took the opportunity for a walk along the river into town. I was rewarded by this unusual sight: A wild daisy in bloom in mid December!

2011-12-17 prästkrage


  1. So lovely to see a Daisy while it's so cold outside... I really can't wait for Spring..

  2. Goodness, how unusual! Only one, as well. It almost seems like some sort of sign!

  3. an amazing December Daisy, oh my. what a find.

  4. The weather is crazy all over the place. At least 650 people dead in The Phillipines. Almost the heaviest rain ever recorded in parts of New Zealand. We've had high 30s and low teens during the day since I returned. Snow on Lewis again. No wonder nature can't cope.

  5. Sometimes little surprises can cheer us so much! I love that daisy too:)
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