Monday, 5 December 2011

Nature In A Twist

Can’t remember now if I read it in the paper or heard it on the radio, but there was a warning issued for pollen allergists, that with the extremely mild autumn we’ve been having, we might expect problems with some tree pollen already around Christmas.

Walking through the town park today, together with the first sprinkle of snow (see previous post) I noticed this hazel bush (we call it snake hazel or witch hazel because of its twisted twigs) with big catkins on it already… Best check my supply of allergy sprays a.s.a.p.!




  1. that second shot is AMAZING! i love that tree. we use witch hazel but I have never seen what it comes from. love the twist and turns and against the sky it's awesome. oh no on the allergy. we have them year round here, i live on allergy meds

  2. Sandra, there is a different bush called witch hazel as well. It was really confusing when I tried to look this up and find translations. The plant most commonly known as witch hazel is not really hazel, but a different kind of bush (with flowers). The twisted bush in my photo is a hazel, but I could not find a special name for it in English so just translated what we call it.

  3. PS The Latin name is Corylus avellana contorta.

  4. We call a tree that looks like that a witch hazel, too. They are great looking trees. Love the second shot where it looks to trail into and across the water.

  5. I love that shot of the bridge and street. Another bit of the townscape.

  6. Because it never stays cold long enough to kill everything off something is always growing and I have allergies year round.


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