Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas Macro Monday


My mum knitted these, years ago. ‘Daddy Santa’ is ~ 17 cm high.
For Macro Monday


  1. so cute and sweet and lots of sentimental santas here.

  2. I suppose that there are still many communities and people who make their presents. Some of my most valued possessions are things that have been made by the giver or are of low monetary value but were given with love.

  3. In my family we never had a tradition of very lavish or expensive Christmas or birthday gifts; except that if something more expensive was needed then it was often given on such occasions.

    Mum was very handy with all kinds of needlework but she never did it for money. What she didn't make for herself, she gave away. When all her family had their homes full of embroidered pillows and table cloths, she started making things as lottery prizes for a good cause instead. She knitted hundres of little gnomes like these for example.

    This little family however she kept for herself. And now they have a new home with me.


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